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Saturday, October 10, 2015

President Obama in Roseburg: Umpqua Community College shooting

With a grim look on his face, President Obama leaves Roseburg High School in Roseburg, Oregon on Friday, Oct. 9, 2015. The president was visiting with family and victims of the Oct. 1 shooting rampage at nearby Umpqua Community College. 

A large group of gun rights activists and Obama protesters gathered near the Roseburg airport. 

 Many of the gun rights activists were displaying firearms.

 Some of the protesters made their way to the high school to make their points while the president was meeting with the families.
 A very few people showed their support for Obama at the rally near the airport.
 The president arrived via Marine One at the Roseburg Regional Airport.
 Security at Roseburg High School was heavy
Some showed up to show their support for Sheriff John Hanlin.
Most of the folks at the airport greeting the president were concerned about guns.
Outside the high school waiting for the president's motorcade

                 Video slideshow with more photos


  1. Fantastic pictures Robin!

  2. Every time I watch this I can feel the emotion I felt that day when my employer asked if I had heard what happened. That moment it felt as though every hair on my arms and head stood on end and froze; something I hope I never feel again. Your presentation here is well done and the music brings in the emotion of the event. Thank you Robin