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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Hiding fawn

A newly born black-tailed deer fawn lies nearly hidden in the tall grass of a hazelnut orchard on a farm near Elkton in rural southwestern Oregon. Wildlife experts believe fawns re purposely left alone by their mothers. Female deer, called does, stay away from the fawns to avoid leading predators to their location.


Ukraine update with Heart to Heart International

I recently returned from a trip from Ukraine and Slovakia with Heart to Heart International. We spent about 36 hours in an area of Ukraine which has not seen any fighting yet. 

Shake it off

An American kestrel shakes off rain drops while perched on a utility line along a country road near Elkton in southwestern Oregon. The National Weather Service is predicting rain for the area over the next several days. 


Sunday, April 10, 2022

Chilly and rainy spring day

A golden-crowned sparrow perches in a crabapple tree on a chilly and rainy day near Elkton in rural southwestern Oregon on Sunday, April 10, 2022.


Flower powered

A golden-crowned sparrow feeds on plum blossoms on a raining morning near Elkton in rural southwestern Oregon. According to, this sparrow is one of the least known of our songbirds, particularly on its northern breeding grounds. Miners in the Yukon at the turn of the twentieth century woefully referred to the golden-crowned sparrow as the “no gold here” bird, because its song resembled that depressing phrase.

Osprey nesting time

An osprey brings nest building material to its mate on their nest build in an old-growth Douglas fir tree along the Umpqua River near Elkton in rural southwestern Oregon on Saturday, April 9, 2022.


Air support


A honeybee forages in a plum orchard near Elkton in rural southwestern Oregon. Orchards in the area are currently in full blossom and bees are active foraging for nectar and pollen.