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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Barn owl

May 6, 2010 -Roseburg,OR USA- A barn owl sits on a post along Interstate 5 near Roseburg, Ore. Barn owls are found all over the world except in desert and polar regions. Around the world the barn owl is known by many names including white owl, silver owl, demon owl, ghost owl, death owl, night owl, rat owl, church owl, cave owl, stone owl, monkey-faced owl, hissing owl, hobgoblin or hobby owl, dobby owl, golden owl, scritch owl, screech owl, straw owl, barnyard owl and delicate owl. (Credit Image: © Robin Loznak)
I notices this owl as I was driving into Roseburg this morning on I-5. I thought it was possibly injured, but it flew away shortly after noticing me taking its picture. Shot with a 600mm with a 1.4x converter on a Nikon D3s. Check out more of my nature photos below...

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