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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Robin Loznak Photography, LLC

I gave my three weeks notice at The News-Review on Monday. My last day in Feb. 13th.

I've been a newspaper photojournalist for 19 years, so this is a huge step.

Robin Loznak Photography, LLC will now get my full attention. I've already starting booking weddings. I'm so excited!


  1. I'm a native of Great Falls, MT, but I've lived in or near New York City for almost 35 years. I occasionally read the GF Tribune online so I became aware of your work there and have been a huge fan of your stunning photography for several years. The Trib got a whole lot less interesting when they lost your services. Good luck with your FT commercial venture - I'm sure you'll thrive - but please keep taking pictures of leaves, animals, clouds, raindrops, rainbows, mud....
    Suzy Logan

  2. Suzy,
    Keep checking my blog for fun critter photos. You can also purchase prints here...

  3. There I was, checking out the tweets of a new follower on Twitter, when this one caught my eye.

    I thought, "Hey, I remember that guy." In case the recollection isn't mutual, we worked together for a while at The Daily Astorian about 7 million years ago. You were a good photographer then, and you've continued to shoot some beautiful stuff. (That break-dancing cow in the street in Montana is priceless.)

    Sorry to see that you're leaving journalism, but I can't blame you. It's a pretty scary time to be a journalist. Good luck with the new, or should I say newly full-time, venture.

  4. Mark,
    How could I forget you? Images of the shirts and the hair continue to flash before my eyes 19 years later.
    I'm leaving small town daily newspapers, but if things work out, I'll still be shooting some photojournalism.

  5. Shirts? Hair? I have no idea what you could possibly mean by that. Anyway, good bumping into you again after all this time.